Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Melanie always had a fascination with travel, cultures, and cuisine. Hailing from a military family she was used to moving around, having attended three different High Schools, and lived within eight different Cities throughout her life and counting. With professional experience as a licensed officiant, event planning specialist, and tourism, as well as an educational background in journalism, cultural anthropology, communications, and theology, her greatest joy is sharing her experiences with others through written form, video, and photography. Expedition Confidential will share stories and experiences, as well as tips for how to prepare and afford travel for pleasure, education, or special life events.

A Trip To Your Own Backyard

Color me surprised when I came across an acquaintance who had lived in California all their lives and had never been to Disneyland, or a friend who lived in New York and had never looked through the books at Ellis Island. Can you imagine living in Washington D.C. and never visiting the Smithsonian? Our beautiful […]